Pixel correction, DSNU/PRNU optimization, more accurate quantitative analysis
In order to improve the overall performance of the camera, the Dhyana 400BSI V2.0 features optimized DSNU (dark signal non-uniformity) and PRNU (photo response non-uniformity). When optimized, the DSNU value has been reduced from 0.3e- to 0.2e-, the PRNU value has been reduced from 1.6% to 0.3%. Thus the camera has a more sophisticated capabilities, making it more suitable for quantitative analysis applications.

-15°C low temperature dark current control to further reduce the impact of noise on imaging

The Dhyana 400BSI V2.0 can operate at -15 °C at a room temperature of 20 °C. Compared with 1.2e- readout noise and 0.2e-DSNU, the dark current noise corresponding to 100 milliseconds is less than 0.02e-. The effect on sCMOS high-end imaging applications is almost negligible.

Wide spectral response range, high sensitivity
With its ultra-low noise, the quantum efficiency advantage of Dhyana 400BSI V2.0 is very significant. This is a huge breakthrough for scientific applications, not only in the visible region, but also in the ultraviolet and near-infrared.

74fps using CameraLink, 40fps using USB3.0, faster data capture
In addition to the signal to noise ratio advantage, the Dhyana 400BSI V2.0 has enhanced transmission speed, on one hand though the new CameraLink interface to meet the needs of high-end imaging research for higher frame rates, on the other hand through hardware improvements that increase the USB 3.0 throughput. These have achieved the ultimate transfer rate of 74fps with CameraLink and 40fps with USB3.0 at 4.2 MP full resolution.

ModelDhyana 400BSI V2.0
Sensor size1.2〃
Sensor modelG2020BSI (Backside-illuminated sCMOS)
Quantum efficency60%@254nm,95%@550nm,50%@850nm
Effective no. of pixels2048(H) x 2040(V)
Pixel size6.5um x 6.5um
Effective area13.3mm × 13.3mm
Full well capacity30000e-
Frame rate74fps@(4.2MP via CameraLink), 40fps@(4.2MP via USB3.0)
Readout noise1.2e-(Median),1.8e- (RMS)
Shutter typeRolling shutter
Exposure modeManual / Auto
Exposure time6.6μs-10s
Cooling methodPeltier cooling
Cooling temperatureForced air(Ambient at +20℃):-15 ℃
Dark current0.15 electrons/pixel/s (-15 ℃)
Dynamic range88dB
Binning1x1 / 2x2
External trigger modeStandard/Synchronous/Global trigger
Trigger delay function0-10s(1μs steps)
Trigger output3 programable timing outputs (Exposure/Global/readout signal)
External trigger routingSMA
Digital interfaceUSB3.0 / CameraLink
Bit depth16 bit
Lens mountC-mount
Power supply12V/8A
Power consumption55W
Camera size85mm x 85mm x 125mm
Parameter settingsWhite balance, Exposure, Contrast, Gamma, 3D denoise, Saturation, Flat fielding
PC softwareMosaic/LabVIEW/Matlab/Micromanager
Compatible systemWindows/Linux/Mac